Tuesday, 1 October 2013

A little love.

Just read Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe and it was beautiful. There's an indescribable delicacy depicted in suffering, how the slaves managed to survive living hell with hope and purpose. How the upper class dominated over the blacks as if they were but mere animals... when the "prestigious" themselves were the actual beasts.

In a way it makes me quite somber, because it is such an accurate reflection of the modern society. I suppose division of classes will exist as long as mankind does though i can't help but feel quite sad. The rich are getting richer, and the poor, so oppressed. Oppressed not in the way the slaves are of course, but it breaks my heart to see old grannies above 60 years of age cleaning up food dishes or washing the lavatories at the hawker centers. It saddens me to see old men sitting by the roadside selling tissue paper packs for a mere dollar. And it completely tears me apart to witness old people beg for money. I don't know, nor do i care if they are genuinely disabled, or if they are not willing to work. The fact that someone of such a senior age has to come our unashamedly to beg...it just reflects their desolate state of desperation. And what makes me feel so awful is that there really isn't much i can do, other than to give them five or ten dollars, hoping it makes their day a little warmer and the world a little brighter.

Thinking of the third world countries again, the fact that there are people starving out there, not just for want of basic needs like food, water, and clothing but also for want of love and education that they never dare dream of... it is quite disconcerting. Because here i am with my own house, and room. And i'm saying "life sucks". Upon that utterance i often feel so ashamed of myself. What good have i done, that i should not be born in a third world country myself, that i should not grow up not knowing when my next meal will come? Nothing. And yet God put me in this lovely country, beautiful singapore, and all i can do on some days is put up a dreadful fuss about the heat. It does make me sound awfully spoilt... i suppose i am, quite. And i am not proud of it, i'm working hard at being truly appreciative of all i have. To cherish things as they should be cherished. There's just so much i take as a granted, as if i deserve them. Deserve them! The horrible being that i am. Yet i successively abuse so many privileges...waking up each day knowing a lovely breakfast awaits, unappreciative of basic things, even to have a roof over my head or a complete, loving family.

I do wish there could be more good in this world though, that people should truly be equal, that no child would have to live in apprehension that he would be sold or flogged. Because it is all too real, when i actually entertain such thoughts. Slavery has long been an abolished act but the sale of humans remains ever so apparent. In so many countries children and teenagers are being sold, body and soul, inflicting horrible scars on their hearts and lives. I wince thinking about it. And the sheer knowledge that i could be one of them. I could be born in Thailand or Cambodia, where circumstances would force my family to sell me. In the poorer countries alone over 50,000 girls are sold into prostitution...and why do i think i am in a higher place? If the story were but a little twisted i could likely be one of them. But i am not, by His grace. And i just wish so badly that something could be done, sometimes it makes my heart ache.

Here I am living in a life so luxurious compared to half the people in the world and i am so complacent, so narrow minded. I never do think about the people out there who are actually suffering, every day of their lives and that has made me so discontented. But now i have and i want to help them so badly...but what can i do? One against the millions of helpless, some call it naive to think that one could even make any difference at all. I will though, in whatever way i can, if only to put a little more love into this world. When i sit down and picture the evils and injustice that is actually so much more real than i have formerly thought, i feel so burdened. I don't really know what has come over me really. All i know is that to imagine people out there who have never known comfort, or kindness, or love... it makes my heart ache. It really does. And i'd like to give it to them, the little that i can. To spread a little love, restore a little faith in humanity, in this world where it's often so dark, so cold, so hopeless. To let them see that there is light, after all... because there is. And that's a lovely thought to hold.


  1. Having that thought is great. Humans ought to come in many forms.


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