Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Jakarta -Day 2 and 3

There's only one word to describe the past few days...bliss. Sadly it's back to reality now for me but this is a happy post so let's not go there. Haven't felt this relaxed in a long time so i guess the fact that i forgot to bring work along was a blessing in disguise. Anyway the first meal i mentioned in my previous post was a one off because subsequently the food was AWESOME. This was what i had at the hotel buffet breakfast

I've been feeling like such a pig the whole time in Jakarta haha all i do is pretty much eat + sleep + chill. Been feeling kinda guilty because i spent such a ridiculous amount of time doing nothing but i guess time you enjoy wasting isn't wasted time. Or at least, that's what i'd like to think.

I LOVE WATERMELON SO SO SO MUCH. Favourite fruit ever haha i literally consumed like a whole plate of those! Had a lot of free time so i decided to play around with some make-up colours. This was supposed to be like a soft blue and pink fairy-ish look but somehow i just ended up looking like a china woman. Sometimes Asian features can be such a pain ):

Yup that was my ootd haha i'm sorry guys i really dress really casually on holidays so no fancy outfits! Anyway we decided to explore places near where we stayed and came to this amusement place thing that i thought was a little like our USS/Sentosa area! There were no roller coasters but there was a huge indoor amusement park carnival thing for kids(: And basically just A LOT of restaurants, although i have to admit one of the main reasons people go there is probably for pictures. It doesn't look like Indonesia at all! More of a London-ish feel to me

The entire place was just so lovely! There was this mall that was called MOI that i thought was like french but it turned out to be an acronym for Mall Of Indonesia haha oops. We decided to have lunch at the food court which by the way was so quaint

Okay singapore probably has food courts like that but just let me be fascinated haha. Decided on this fast food stall

I have no idea why the burger looks so tiny here but it was huge in real life. I couldn't even fit in my mouth so lunch was really messy. (note to self: never ever order huge burgers ) Ironically, food courts here are really expensive compared to restaurants...an average meal is like 39,000 indo which is just slightly more than $3.90sgd? Which is fine EXCEPT RESTAURANTS SELL AN A LA CARTE MEAL FOR LIKE 39,000 INDO TOO. Which is exceptionally inexpensive! The finest restaurant you find here won't even exceed $10sgd... i would say the  average price is probably like $5-7sgd per pax. Felt really cheated after the food court incident so for the rest of the trip we basically dined at restaurants haha. My mom wanted to get fruits so we visited one of their supermarts

Those were the sweet treats that i wasn't brave enough to try haha. No idea why but recently I can't take too much sweet stuff without feeling squeamish. Something must be wrong with me ): Anyway I'm gonna kinda skip the rest of day 2 and move on to day 3 which was shopping day! *dances around room prancing like a mad pony* (well, that's how my friends describe me sometimes). Look how my horrible roots are growing out sigh they look horrendous ):

But here are some pics i took from our shopping trip! Bought more things i.e. books/decor/etc. than clothes, partially because my wardrobe is already kind of exploding

This shop is called "Scoop" and it's so cool in this vintagey-hipster way. SPENT SO MUCH MONEY HERE friends you can look forward to cool christmas presents haha

So in love with the last pink room haha it was from a random accessory store! If i was a few years younger it would be my dream room but sadly i'm getting really old ): Can't believe i'm already 18 sometimes, i feel terribly unprepared for the maturity that the age seems to comprise. Somehow day three also turned out to be kind of like a family camwhore day so...let me introduce you to the most important people in my life. This is mama tee, the bravest, strongest and most beautiful woman i know<3

And papa who is crazy protective and chases all the bad boys away

Jo who was my first friend ever and the person i'm closest to even though we literally have squabbles like EVERYDAY but i love you haha

And lastly my little sunshine! Some people say i should stop calling her a baby since she's in secondary one now but she'll always be my baby sister #foreverandalways #overprotectivesister

After shopping till our legs nearly died we dad dinner at Ichiban Sushi. The menu there is slightly different and it's so much better than the one in singapore in my opinion. Of course it helps that you can order an a la carte main or a plate of 8 piece sushi each for just $3... almost too good to be true!

My tempura set! 

And this was the chicken set but it looks the same as the tempura to me LOL 


Didn't realize how much fun i had till i started blogging about my trip! Really grateful for this time off everything... really needed it. Miss Jakarta already, really wanna travel again soon haha. My life right now is basically back to study mode. Have so much more to update you guys on though, rmb to check back! xx

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Jakarta -Day 1


Hi guys hello from Indo! Sorry i kinda disappeared a little, just needed a short break. Just came back from my church retreat yesterday night and immediately had a 6a.m. flight this morning i'm kind of dying now 

Getting old and angsty HAHA. Please give me some credits for actually doing this post cause today is day one of my trip and i'm doing this post on the same day...been snapping pictures like cray the entire day gosh. I'm so sad because i originally planned to bring my SAT ten year series to study while my parents shop and stuff but i totally forgot to pack it in the luggage so i can't study here. Which also means i'll have only a week plus to study when i get back on sat midnight sob): Guess i'll have to take it a second time which is such a nuisance but sulking isn't gonna help either i suppose. Anyway...this is where i'm staying at!

THE POOL IS TO DIE FORRR. Also I really love that this place is surrounded by plants and flowers it's so pretty!

This hotel is a little different...it's more of an apartment i guess! More of a home-ish feel than the typical hotel setting

This is the bedroom in our apartment! My parents have one too but theirs is the king sized version

Mini chilling area

I have no idea why but the dining chairs really makes me crave matcha ice-cream haha need to satisfy my craving asap! Didn't see any japanese shops around though):

My ootd is not exciting at all haha hate dressing up when i'm flying cause i find it really inconvenient especially since i'll be lugging my bags and stuff around for the most part. Had brunch/lunch at the quaint little place but the food kinda sucked. Okay, REALLY SUCKED.

I know i look really skinny but come onnnn that's barely enough for a proper meal! The only thing that was good was probably the ice lemon tea #fruitteafanforever

Was crazy tired and hungry after lunch so we went back to the hotel to chill for a bit before going for a swim! Well, to be more exact my sisters swam while i lazed at the tanning chair. (Please don't judge me ): I usually love swimming my 40 laps but my thighs were aching crazing from squats and running around i was forced to do on sunday haha). Beach ootd?

I guess so for Jakarta has been really nice...I've never been to indo before except Bali so i wasn't really sure what to expect but it's great so far. Amazing place, lovely apartment, lots of chilling. But i'd also like you guys to see another part of indo, and this is the part that i don't think we are exposed to very often...poverty.

The above two pictures were taken from the regular streets of indo. And it's really sad because little kids barely ten would tend the night stalls. It's really dangerous but i suppose they don't really have a choice because they need that money for survival. When i was ten i was probably complaining about how i didn't get to watch the latest Disney movie. It's such a stark contrast and coming to less progressive countries always makes me feel weird. How is it fair for one child to be born in such pristine luxury and the other in such wretched poverty?

But i guess that's life. It's unfair. And the least we can to is to be thankful for what we have (: Hope you guys had fun reading and have a lovely week ahead! xx

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