Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Anonymous Sg x Ridhwan

A few days ago was when all the drama started. I'm sure many of you have heard about Anonymous Sg. If you haven't, they are basically a group of anonymous hackers petitioning for the abolition of censorship and promoting freedom of speech in Singapore. The video first originated last week: 

Many people were really creeped out by the video, but the drama doesn't end here. Earlier today, various governmental sites went down, but that wasn't the main cause of all the commotion online. Today Ridhwan's twitter, facebook, youtube, etc. got hacked because he had made comments about Anonymous Sg earlier on social media. 

Many of you don't know Ridhwan personally, but i do because he is my friend. And i have to say...i'm both appalled and disappointed. His remarks were rude and insolent, and he is paying the price for his mistake, the loss of access to his social media platforms. "Always, always think before you say." wise words from my mother, only i never understood how acutely true it was until now.

I don't want to comment further on Ridhwan's actions, or even the measures taken by the hacker and content posted on Ridhwan's hacked account. I want to say something to you. Yes you, reader behind that screen. 

Look, this is the deal.
Issue: A 20 year old guy is immature and makes unmannerly remarks about an anonymous organization.
Result: His social media accounts got hacked.

Any literate can easily see that this is an issue between that guy and the hacker. What, if i may, has it got to do with you?

I know, as a public figure Ridhwan is under the eye of the public and he has to be responsible for every word uttered, every line said. Some of you may think he is getting what he deserves, or that it is only right for him to pay the price for his careless words. I agree, and that is what he has to do now, isn't it? He has no choice really. Actually, we don't even know if it was Anonymous Sg, a fan of the organization, or even a hater who hacked the accounts. But if it is in fact Anonymous Sg, do remember that they were advocating freedom of speech. Isn't it quite ironic then, to take over social media platforms which are in essence where individuals are given the liberty of speech? I'm not implying anything, just asking that you pause to think before that next tweet, or even comment.

What i don't understand is why so many people are retweeting and sharing the issue, making completely pointless or even hateful remarks that worsen the situation but does absolutely NOTHING constructive to alleviate the issue. Most of you are teens, right? Isn't the world complicated enough without us thriving on the misfortune(or timely punishment, if you will) of someone else? What is the point of commenting even on Anonymous Sg's videos or tweets that you agree, or even disagree?  This is not about Anonymous Sg, this is not about Ridhwan Azman. This is about YOU.

Nothing you say will change anything because the deed is already done

Yes, Ridhwan is wrong. You may think he is low, but think about it. Putting him down when the whole world already knows about the issue says more about you than it does about him. Besides, haven't you ever done anything wrong? And haven't you had someone who was gracious to you? As the saying goes, let the one who has no sin be the first man to throw the stone.

10 followers, 1000 followers, 10000, followers, even a million followers. We are still human, and we all make mistakes. 

I'm not here to speak up for Ridhwan. I'm here to speak for myself, because i'm really tired and sad, looking at all the malice and hate online. Is it so fun, so thrilling to put someone down, even if they deserve it? We see tweets about love everyday, but is this the world we live in now, so bitter, filled with so much animosity?

He who does not love does not deserve to be loved. Leave it guys, let the involved parties deal with it on their own. No matter how big you blow up the matter, it will die down. Because it will only be a matter of time before a new drama arises and the town has juicier news to feed on. Bringing a little more love into this world can't hurt. But if you really can't be bothered, at least consider how pointless it is. It's going to die down within days,weeks, maybe months. It isn't going to stay. So really, what's the point of all the hate, all the penalizing? Let it rest guys, please. 

Be the bigger person.

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