Saturday, 11 January 2014

Life X Love


Like the thousands before me,
I ask, what is life?
C'est la vie, they said
As if the mere words
Were explaination enough

Love, I heard a voice whisper.
Love is life
To live is to love,
For what is life, save love?

Yet, i pause.
For what is love?
An esoteric secret
I both desire and fear

Love is like a drug
Love can heal
Love can kill

Love breathes life
Love ceases breath
Live to love, they said
Dare I?

It is strange, the vulnerability of humans at night. How we are willing to pour our souls to anyone who would listen, nevermind the disparate ways we guard our hearts during the day. Yet even in the day i see this broken world crying out for acceptance, ironically while trying to deny any form of emotion. Perhaps underneath the fronts we put is an underlying need to be accepted and loved. After all, it is what causes us to be so beautifully human, broken and whole, all at once.


  1. Hey janice, do you study Literature or Poetry? Your Poem and writings are really good!! Hope to read more of them in the future.... :)

    1. haha I don't study lit! Nah I just write for fun but thanks (:


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