Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Dear Diary: A little cheer.

Recent days have been seeing slight rainfall... it's strange how something i used to regard as an irritant now becomes so precious to me. I've never been more thankful for the rain, blessed heavens that finally allow me to see some green in the desiccant, impoverished fields.

God has been so good, allowing me to see the little things that are given to me so freely, even extending such grace that i might behold light at the end of the dark, ominous tunnel that i have been lost in for the past few months. It has never occurred to me until recently to be particularly appreciative of the most elementary of things, i suppose because i have never viewed senses such as sight, hearing, etc. as a "gift" per se, more of a given. Exposure to the less fortunate have opened my eyes and my nescient self to perceive the multitude of blessings extended to me, and i realize there might be more good in this world i previously thought so heinous.

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