Thursday, 24 July 2014

Dear Diary: Strife.

It's always sad to see people fight against one another, especially in instances where a comfortable synthesis could actually be reached. I guess we really are animals, so often predominated by emotions most of all, before we consider the logical aspects of the matter.

A long time ago, I was convinced that arguments were typical of little children, and that I'd grow out of it one day. Growing up, I've found it increasingly difficult to affirm my naive notions as reality proves a stark contrast, strife and contention rising at an appalling rate. It is rather lamentable really, to see figures I respect quibbling like jejune minors... at times such occurrences make me sorely dispirited.

I wonder if they know I'm watching them, as the respect I once held diminishes with every disparaging word they spit to one another. I wonder if there are any watching me, holding me with admiration, and if I have disappointed them (I probably have). Sometimes the world can seem so sinful, and to know that I'm a part of all this frankly makes me feel quite cheerless.


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