Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Dear Diary: Thoughts before school week

I am often convinced I am plagued with what I fondly (or not so fondly) call a "skein of calamities", for it seems at any given point I have at once such an overwhelming number of problems, or else none at all.

The school's bidding system might well be Arabic as far as I am concerned, consistently elusive to my non techonology-friendly mind. The advent of the new academic year is fast approaching, and it is not without some trepidation that I approach this unfamiliar phase of life. That challenges are not to be omitted from the many equations life dispenses is an almost incontrovertible fact, so I suppose I ought not to be so startled after all. 

Strange as it might be, I seem to hold a blithe indifference with regards to social life in school. That is not to be confused with being some sort of reclusive eremitic, however. To put it in very simple words, I feel as if I simply lack the interest in such a pursuit. Slightly atypical of myself, I must admit.

The one thing I am most impatient for is to begin embarking on a learning journey again, although this is unsurprising considering my (sometimes overly) inquisitive nature. Having made some non optimal choice of modules in the bidding process, I am fairly certain the journey ahead will not be without many perplexing quagmires. Yet I am filled with an inexplicable sense of excitement, to discover the endless possibilities in this world that only continues to amaze me each passing day.

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