Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Dear Diary: Dear God

Dear God,

It's getting a little too much to bear.

Are you there?

In the dimly lit skies of the dawning morn,

I see the sun's rays kiss the horizon

And I really do wonder

If You're there watching me,

watching You.

The boulders of this life seem impossible

And I'm looking, searching

Desperate for a tangible something

A taste of You again.

Dreary thoughts, sinful nights

Here I falter, here I fall.

Will you lift me from this pit?

Oh dear God,

Where are you?

It's so hard to remember,

So hard to love,

When I don't feel, when I can't see.

Barely breathing here I call,

Tears streaming, my soul's cry

God of wonder, God of grace

Pray, will You answer?

Because there's nothing I want more

Than once again Your voice to hear

Cross my heart,

And swear to die.

Yet not my will, but wholly thine.

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