Saturday, 14 March 2015

Writings: Don't stop

As you tread the path all too familiar, do not stop to reminisce, pray don't ever look back. Take each step anew, as if it was the first time you thus journey. And you will see as you walk the path, many things of which your eyes have never been recipient, sights past scrutiny had never descried. As the music plays, let your heart beat with excitement for the novelty soon to be experienced. As your lips quiver and your feet shake, step upon the boulder where you had once slipped, fall if you must, but never be too fretful for your next attempt. Gaze ahead, far ahead and you will see the ephemeral rays that seem beautifully distant and out of grasp. Reach for it anyway. Let nothing stop you from dreaming, with the wide-eyed wonder of a child. As you feel the second of despair, your foot slips. Cling onto the boulder more tightly than ever, and if it snaps, may it be. Live every moment bravely, courageously, with a brazen audacity. For when the time comes for the very last breath, nothing matters but knowing you had lived on this earth, with love and sorrow, sanity and madness, and most of all, an open, beating heart.

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  1. Don't ever give up! "Live every moment bravely, courageously, with a brazen audacity." That's the spirit!
    Stay strong and achieve ur goals 💪💪💪


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