Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Dear Diary: Good-bye Berkeley

I'm walking to Peet's Coffee knowing that today morning would be one of the last times I would taste the bitter roast that I have so come to appreciate. The quiet "city" of Berkeley has grown on me, a city that stands in stark contrast to bustling Singapore and New York, where people don't stop to ask "hey, how's it going?" unless are waiters working for a tip. Where people seem too busy smiling at their iPhones than at the person next to them on that busy subway. 

Dear Berkeley, I cannot imagine living here forever, but the months that I have spent in your heart has left me memories that I will never forget. I will never forget the first few steps I took on your streets, marvelling at the fascinating graffiti illegal back home. I will never forget my first steps on campus, wondering who I was going to meet in this foreign place I had to call home. I will never forget the nights of laughter, with strangers I today proudly call my friends. I will never forget the nights drenched in tears, where I would miss my world from thousand miles away. The view from the balcony, where I would watch the sunset as I pen my journal, and the stars that fill the sky when night falls on your streets. Oh Berkeley, how could I ever forget?

Here I have loved, and here I have lost, but here I have come to learn so very much.I don't regret a single bit of it. 

Good-bye Berkeley, it's been hella real. 

(Edit: was going to post this one day before I flew back to Singapore, but things got hectic and so here it is anyway, a month tardy but just as real)

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